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  • SMCO-Metalurgical Material

    SMCO-Metalurgical Material SMCO-Metalurgical Material Properties Data sheets give detailed description of the properties of SMCO metals. Additionally, it includes details about the mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, compressive strength and dimensional stability. These information sheets are generated from a set of computer applications designed for the sole purpose of helping metal fabrication processes such […]

  • Rare Earth Magnets

    ‘Rare Earth’ magnets are critical components in the technological applications we use in our daily lives. These magnets are composed of microcrystalline grains of the earth elements. They have high magnetic coercivity, which means they resist demagnetization. This property allows them to be aligned in a powerful magnetic field during manufacturing. Rare earth magnets are used […]

  • Building Irrigation Pumps

    Building Irrigation Pumps

    Building Irrigation Pumps in Third World Nations It can be difficult for developing countries to access adequate water and electricity. There are a few ways to build irrigation pumps in third-world countries. These methods can provide farmers with a constant supply of water. Both of these issues can be addressed by the KickStart Water Pump. […]